MEAD Protocols

Protocol 0 – If any member suddenly proves to be a mortal threat to MEAD: 1) withdraw, and find help from other charter members. Use lethal force only if lives are immediately at stake. If they say “what happened?” or “I am fine now,” do not believe them. It is most likely a ploy.

Protocol 1 – Everyone joining MEAD gets a blood test. No exceptions.

Protocol 2 – If Helmmshold is overrun by enemy forces, 1) rendezvous in Oramsburg, 2) in Sky, 3) you are released from your contract.

Protocol 3 – If a fire occurs in the house, assess if it is real or not. If it is, do not abandon your post until the last safe moments. There are items in the house people would desire to steal, and create such a situation to remove the guard. The odds are they will not create a situation so dangerous as to prohibit them from entering to acquire what they are after. Yell, “Fire!”

Protocol 4 – If someone shows up to MEAD claiming to be a member: no matter how strange or impossible it may seem, contact 1) the Chairperson, 2) someone who would know the person being named.

Protocol 5 – If Malastian Mellstrops voices anything to you, confine him immediately. Contact 1) Bodwinn, 2) the chairperson.

Protocol 6 – If a strange or wild animal appears in the house, corner it but do not kill it unless it appears to be casting a spell. 1) send someone to get a charter member, 2) yell for help.

Protocol 7 – If ghosts or phantoms appear in the chapterhouse, tell it a joke, and do not take what it says seriously. If it appears aggressive run, and notify 1) Agoth, 2) the Chairperson.

Protocol 8 – If suddenly confronted with thoughts or messages in your head not your own, report to the linen closet on the second floor, shut the door, and ring the bell until someone arrives. Have that person get, 1) the chairperson.

Protocol 9 – If you feel you are being watched, or sense any presence you cannot see, contact immediately: 1) The chairperson.

Protocol 10 – If you feel angry or subversive thoughts, come to the chairpersons room immediately and feel free to yell at them through the door.

MEAD Protocols

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