Name: Agoth (“the Imposing”), “Smiley”
Race: Half-Orc (Airle Orc dominant)
Black hair, Black eyes
Apparent Age: mid 20s
Place of Birth: Parsimony, Dulz Colonies and Grants


An Inquisitor of the Holy Orders, and a servant of Aethir, he is one of the only Half-Orcs ever to reach his position. Behind his tall and imposing figure lies a keen intellect, and an unlikely skill with delicate diplomacy. Fully embracing his Human and Felusian heritage, he uses Felusian stereotypes held against Orcs to serve as a disguise when his connections to the Order need remain hidden, as well as manipulating his prey into underestimating him. Secretive and absent at great lengths from time to time, his Order connections have proved invaluable on more than a few occasions, though the recent schism in the Holy Orders have left him with less resources to fall back on. Though his duties to High Cleric Julien of Resolute officially take priority over that of the society, the reality of the situation is still gray, and he is officially considered to be a full member of MEAD.


The Airle Nawtyit