Captain Ionatian Lyons



Name: Dakarev (alias), Captain Ionatian Lyons (actual), “the son of The Rope”
Race: Half-Elf (Felusian Elven features prominent)
Dark hair, Blue eyes
Apparent Age: early 30s
Country of Origin: Riverwell


Hired by MEAD shortly after its founding, he became its first full-time ‘mechanic’. A master of trap making and machinery, he is the primary designer of MEAD’s hyper-secure artifact storage vault. Outwardly friendly and energetic, he disguised a darker side of his personality, such as purchasing a debt slave, and never disclosing the secret behind his uncanny ability to ‘acquire’ needed materials in any situation. Many of his actions led Jayden to declare, “they would have a discussion about this later”, but none of these discussions would wind up taking place in the end. He disappeared without warning in the summer of 801 AT, leaving only cryptic clues to his reasons for departing. Almost two years later, a chance encounter would provide the clues to unlock the possible meaning behind his mysterious statements; he was wanted as a war criminal in Riverwell, and he knew his past would eventually catch up with him. His image still hangs in the Helmm’s Hold audience hall, as Grand Duke Jayden I refuses to take it down. His current whereabouts however still remains unknown.

Captain Ionatian Lyons

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