Name: Gloriana (Mellstrops), “Ana”
Race: Felusian Human
Blonde hair, Greeneyes
Apparent Age: late 20s
Place of Origin: Serensport, Westhold


A top graduate of the class of 92’ from the Westhold Mages Academy in Redoubt, she was considered a scholastic authority in a wide variety of topics upon graduation. Instead of becoming an instructor, or finding employ in service to a government of the Airle, she instead continued her post-graduate studies, majoring in ‘wand manufacture’. Her chance meeting with ‘Dennison Blake’ and her involvement in the Incident at Thistlecreek resulted in her joining MEAD. Usually quiet, private, and easily bored, she pours herself into her private research, helping MEAD with mysteries her wide range of expertise can unlock. She recently married Bodwinn Mellstrops after a long courtship.


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