Jayden Helmm II

Hereditary Grand Duke


Hereditary Grand Duke Jayden Theodus Helmm II of Helmmshold, aka “Denny”
Race: Felusian Human
Brown hair, Blue eyes
Age: 31
Place of Birth: Helmmshold, Duchy of Helmmshold


Son of Jayden I, Grand Duke of Helmmshold, he lost the rest of his immediate family in the Frost Plague of 778 AT. He grew up a young idealist, feeling that the nobility of Northhold had lost touch, neglecting their duty to the people they ruled. However, his willingness to act on his beliefs were compromised by the luxuries afforded his station. Adopting the alias ‘Dennison Blake’, he set out to create an exploration society as a lure to assemble highly skilled individuals, those that might share his view and work towards a better world. The Incident at Thistlecreek, the unrest on the Airle, and the prospect of his own accession have left him less certain of what path in life he should ultimately take. Known more for his rumored heroic involvement against unnatural forces at Oramsburg and Thistlecreek, as well as his leadership in the Orc incursion. Believed popularly to be the leader of a fortune hunting ‘band of heroes’.

Jayden Helmm II

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