Sarna Sancabell


Name: Sarna Sancabell
Race: Felusian Human
Blonde Hair, Brown eyes
Age: 27
Place of Birth: Jarrett’s Notch, Fairlae Free Settlement of Southcoast


Hired by Cleric Justin of Del’cuz to protect him from the Children of Celde on his trip to Kettin’s Gorge, she found herself in a quandary when their actual mission was revealed; to eliminate MEAD. Instead of following orders, she turned on the rest of her mercenary companions and helped MEAD defeat them. In appreciation, and impressed by her raw ability with the bow, Starfyre offered that day to train her as a scout, no questions asked. It was a relationship that would eventually lead to their marriage, and her becoming mother of his first child, Sen’rae. Once a staple around the Helmmshold Chapterhouse, she and her child was offered protection by Grand Duke Jayden and has since moved into the keep itself. Her down to earth nature, and her bizarre and simplistic view of events, unintentionally allows others to view things from a less complicated perspective.

Sarna Sancabell

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