Name: Starfyre (Sancabell), aka “Woody”, Sen’cha
Race: Half-Elf (Felusian Human dominant)
Brown hair, Brown eyes
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Oldtowne, Teoumanz Royal Consortium and Inland Colonies


Discouraged by the limitations of living in a small forest logging town, he left his home, aiming to become the greatest scout the Airle has ever known. His plan to chart the Hordelands was cut short by his involvement with the Incident at Thistlecreek, an encounter which would significantly alter his path in life. After staying on for a short stint in Thistlecreek as a contracted scout, he was the first to make the trip to Helmmshold and accept ‘Denny’s’ invitation to join MEAD. Much of his view of the world has since changed, and he now takes pride in the culture and tradition that he had once tried to leave behind him. He recently married Sarna Sancabell, his former scout pupil, and has by her one daughter, Sen’rae.


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